Labeled Stradivarius Violin – Edition 2

  • The Stradivarius Label – Edition 2 is a violin that is exquisitely made by hand using the most refined craftsmanship.
  • It is known for its exceptional quality and acoustic excellence.
  • It proudly displays the iconic Stradivarius label, symbolising its top-notch quality.
  • The wood used in crafting this violin has been aged for more than 30 years, resulting in a rich and deep tone that is unmatched.
  • Every single detail of this violin is carefully handcrafted, showcasing the utmost attention to detail.
  • It is fitted with high-quality strings and features an ebony fingerboard, pegs, and fittings.
  • The violin also comes equipped with German Wittner tailpiece.
  • It is available only in the full size of 4/4.


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Stradivarius-Labeled Violin, Edition 2

Introducing the Stradivarius Label – Edition 2 Violin

The Stradivarius Label – Edition 2 Violin is a highly refined and expertly crafted instrument. It surpasses its predecessor by using even better quality wood.

Each violin in this prestigious series is a symbol of exceptional artistry and is proudly marked with the iconic Stradivarius label. Edition 2 is made from carefully selected wood that has been aged for over thirty years.


This gives it a unique richness and depth of sound that sets it apart from other instruments. The Stradivarius Label – Edition 2 Violin is a testament to the legacy of Antonio Stradivari, representing excellence and reverence in the world of fine instruments.

Overall, the Stradivarius Label – Edition 2 Violin stands as a pinnacle of craftsmanship and sonic magnificence, offering unparalleled quality and acoustic excellence.

Violin Sizes For All Age Groups

Due to the handmade nature of our violins, the emphasis remains on ensuring exceptional quality. Please note that individual instruments may vary slightly from the provided images, as each one is unique.


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