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Online violin classes in Singapore
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Maximising Efficiency: How Enrolling in LVL Music Academy for 1 to 1 Online Violin Lessons in Singapore Can Save You Time, Stress, and Resources

For years, we’ve been providing expert guidance to individuals in Singapore, teaching them how to play the violin at our state-of-the-art studio located at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace. Responding to numerous requests from both local and international students, we are excited to bring the art of violin instruction directly to you through personalised online lessons at LVL Music Academy. The convenience of scheduling lessons according to your own timetable adds to the benefits.

With most computers equipped with built-in microphones and cameras, there’s no need for additional audio equipment. So why wait? Explore the world of our online lessons in Singapore today at

Whether you’re looking to acquire a new skill from the comfort of your home or aiming to refine your existing violin skills, our online violin lessons are tailor-made for you. We maintain our esteemed LVL curriculum even for online classes to ensure high-quality instruction. Our online lessons cater to a wide range of students, from beginners to advanced players. You can start by mastering fundamental techniques and then progress at a pace that suits you. We are still able to prepare students for the ABRSM exams. However, we do recommend coming for an on-site lesson once a month at our studio on 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace. This allows us to assess your violin and posture while playing.

At LVL Music Academy, our committed violin teachers diligently prepare for each online lesson, ensuring that the content aligns perfectly with your specific needs. This approach guarantees an individualized and rewarding learning journey.

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All About 1-to-1 Online Violin Lessons For Kids In Singapore

For years now, our online lessons have been a consistent offering, gaining significant popularity during the COVID-19 period in 2019 when our students opted for virtual learning. Our violin classes catered to both kids and adult learners.

To facilitate these online violin lessons, we utilise a variety of platforms including Zoom, Google Hangouts, HeyHi!, FaceTime, and WhatsApp Video, among others. While operating the computer or iPad for online learning can sometimes pose a challenge for younger students, we’ve found that with parental assistance in setting up electronic devices, it becomes manageable. Thanks to the combined guidance of our skilled LVL violin teachers and supportive parents, effective learning is achieved, and violin students are progressing well through online lessons.

In our online violin classes in Singapore, we maintain a 1-to-1 ratio, ensuring that each student receives individualised attention. This personalised approach allows students to experience an effective learning process that seamlessly aligns with our esteemed LVL violin curriculum. Our dedicated teachers invest substantial time before each class to prepare tailored materials for every student, ensuring that the lessons are engaging, informative, and tailored to the individual’s needs.

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The Benefits Of Online Violin Lessons For Kids In Singapore

Unlocking the Advantages of Online Violin Lessons for Kids and Adults in Singapore

Irrespective of your location around the world, our online violin lessons for both kids and adults in Singapore are easily accessible, as long as you possess the enthusiasm to learn. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned musician or a complete novice, our lessons cater to your specific requirements. We can still prepare you for ABRSM exams via online lessons. Here are the key advantages of opting for online violin lessons:

Convenience: Enjoy the privilege of taking violin lessons from the comfort of your home. At LVL Music Academy, we ensure that your learning experience adheres to our established LVL violin curriculum.

Personalized Approach: Once you embark on your online violin learning journey, our instruction will be tailored to our LVL violin curriculum. Recognizing that each student possesses a unique learning pace and style, our lessons will be crafted to align with your goals and skill level.

Ongoing Support: Even after your online lessons, we offer ongoing assistance and guidance through channels like WhatsApp or email. If you have questions about your learning journey, we’re here to help.

While online lessons offer significant benefits, we recommend complementing your learning journey by visiting our studio at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace. In-person engagement can further enrich your violin learning experience, enhancing your skills and musical growth.”

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or need further guidance.

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Diary of Learning the Violin Online in Singapore during the Covid 19 pandemic

Amid the necessity of staying at home to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, the transition to online classes became imperative. Initially met with a period of adjustment, students gradually embraced this novel concept. As time progressed, they found delight in online lessons and expressed their eagerness to persist with private violin classes through virtual means, even beyond the period of the Circuit Breaker measures.

For our instructors, venturing into the realm of online teaching posed definite challenges. It demanded the rapid development of innovative teaching approaches to ensure classes remained engaging and effective. Creating tailored online teaching materials also became a priority. Gratefully, with the steadfast support of our dedicated students, we have successfully transitioned to a fully online model, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

About The Author:
About The Author:

Alan Senejani
Alan is the co-founder of LVL Music Academy and in charge of everyday operations. His wife, teacher Janice and himself are passionate to bring out the best in kids & adults with quality music lessons in Singapore. He is a loving father to his 4 years old little girl & 1 year old little boy.

About The Author:
About The Author:

Alan Senejani
Alan is the co-founder of LVL Music Academy and in charge of everyday operations. His wife, teacher Janice and himself are passionate to bring out the best in kids & adults with quality music lessons in Singapore. He is a loving father to his 4 years old little girl & 1 year old little boy.

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