Explore our LVL music programmes for all ages under the guidance of our principal, Ms Janice. Our team of European, Russian, and local music teachers in Singapore will give you a well-rounded educational experience.

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Why choose LVL Music Academy over other music schools

We provide individual and group music lessons in Singapore for kids and adults

Structured Music Programme

Structured Music Programme

Our music programmes focus on music theory, technique and performance in a fun and engaging way.

Overseas music exchange programme

Overseas Music Programme

You are given a chance to experience different cultures, interact with international music students. (London Music Exchange)

music performing opportunities

Performance Opportunities

Our recitals are for you to showcase your hard earned skills and share your craft with peers, family, and friends. (Victoria Concert Hall)

Adults Music Lessons

Music lessons for adults in Singapore

Kids Music Lessons

Music lessons for kids in Singapore

Enjoy Your Music Lessons In The Most Convenient Ways


Inspiring state of the art studios at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #01-11/12


Let melodies come alive in the comfort of your own space.


Learn conveniently from anywhere, at any time with your smart devices.

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Tokyo Opera Concert Hall
leading music school in Singapore



janice (co-founder)


Ms Janice, the esteemed principal and co-founder of LVL Music Academy, stands as an exemplar of musical excellence. Beyond her virtuosic performances, she takes pride in nurturing the next generation of musicians. With her vast experience in the music industry spanning over two decades, Janice plays a pivotal role in allocating each student with the ideal teacher at LVL Music Academy, ensuring their full potential in music is unleashed.

As the lead mentor at LVL Music Academy, Janice’s unwavering dedication ensures that every teacher is supported, fulfilled, and equipped to inspire their students. Drawing from her extensive experience in various musical spheres, including The Philharmonic Orchestra, and as a music teacher at esteemed academic schools like MGS, PLMGS, CHIJ, and more, she has honed excellent pedagogical skills. Janice’s enchanting journey with the violin began at the tender age of six.

Growing up, she was a cherished member of the Singapore National Youth. Orchestra, where her passion for music soared. Representing Singapore in various prestigious music festival such as in Aberdeen, Scotland, she garnered accolades and admiration, cementing her place as a prodigious musician.

For over two decades, Janice has transformed the lives of countless students as an exceptional violin teacher. Her guidance knows no boundaries, and she brings the same zeal and expertise to both young learners and adult students. Janice’s commitment to shaping not just skilled musicians but also passionate individuals shines through in every lesson she imparts.

With Janice at the helm of LVL Music Academy, aspiring musicians are in the hands of a true mentor, a maestro who nurtures talent, kindles creativity, and instills a lifelong love for music. Her unwavering dedication is a testament to the transformational power of music, as she continues to inspire and create unforgettable musical journeys for generations to come.

ali senejani

Alan (co-founder)

Marketing Director

Meet Alan, the co-founder of LVL Music Academy, whose journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, his passion for web development and digital marketing reshaped his path.

As a driven web developer and digital marketer, Alan spearheads LVL Music Academy’s marketing initiatives. Fueled by a deep love for music, he and his team empower others to achieve their musical dreams.

Even before graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from Victoria University, Alan had immersed himself in the world of web development and digital marketing.

His unique blend of technical and creative expertise brings a fresh perspective to the academy’s marketing strategies. Within LVL Music Academy, Alan finds daily fulfilment witnessing the positive impact of his efforts on aspiring musicians of all ages. Providing opportunities for children and adult learners to unlock their full potential in the music industry fills him with immense joy.

On a personal note, Alan takes pride in being a devoted father to two wonderful children, aged four and one. Their presence serves as a constant reminder of the importance of fostering creativity and nurturing talent from a young age.

Through LVL Music Academy, he aspires to inspire and support countless individuals on their musical journey, just as it has been a transformative experience for him.









we prepare you for abrsm & trinity exams




Based in Singapore, LVL Music Academy is a highly regarded team of professionally trained music teachers dedicated to providing top-quality music lessons for students of all ages including toddlers and adults.

As a leading music school in Singapore, we offer 1-to-1 and group classes conducted by competition winners, Russian-trained, and ABRSM qualified music teachers. Whether at our state of the art LVL studio (near Chinatown MRT) or the comfort of your home, we cater to students from toddlers to adults.

Founded by our principal, Ms Janice, LVL Music Academy originated from her vision to build a network of exceptional music teachers who could carry on her legacy and deliver outstanding lessons.

With her invaluable experience in Singapore’s music industry, she ensures that each student will learn under a suitable music teacher tailored to their specific needs.

All our music teachers are professionally trained, possessing ABRSM Grade 8, Diploma, Degree, or higher qualifications, and extensive music field experience. Ms Janice carefully selects and matches each teacher at LVL Music Academy to students to ensure that the student will get its optimal learning experience.

At LVL Music Academy, our beginners will use our exclusive curriculum and expertly crafted LVL Music books to start the learning journey. We will prioritise personalised learning to help students reach their fullest potential.

Our music teachers bring their unique passion and teaching style, creating an enriching and enjoyable learning experience that is in line with our LVL curriculum.

In addition to exceptional music lessons, we offer high-quality hand-crafted instruments. You can choose to rent or purchase these instruments with flexibility through LVL Music Shop.

For buying or renting of violins check our violin shop.

For digital pianos check our digital piano shop.

Contact us today, and we’ll provide a consultation to start your musical journey in Singapore. Join LVL Music Academy and experience the joy of music!

what our students say

18 Apr 2024*Very long read* ~Getting there: From Chinatown Exit C, through the coffee shop (near OG and beside the Macdonalds), cross the road, climb the stairs (careful especially night or with cello. (Not part of review), enter the building, turn right, walk down the asile and you'll find LVL Music Academy. ~ It is very accessible with amenities near by. Store front is slightly different from the official website. Pretty cozy, simple yet elegant design. WA chat and Staff on-site Ms. Janice the principal, Ms. Patsy and the others are very professional and friendly. Always provide me detailed explanation of services and products. Products are of great quality! Also houses affordable practice room rentals. Being a cello student, I had a great time, Teacher Mr. Oleg is very patient and knowledgeable about music pieces and the cello. Within an hour, he provided deep teachings of the subject and gave plenty of demonstrations and corrections. I am always looking forward to each class. Even being a busy adult myself, they do try really hard to accomadate to my schedules. Also, I do recommend their lutheir service too! They are very experienced and also open to trying repairs of all kinds. I loved the work they did with my cello bridge and cello neck projection, made my cello sounded livelier than before. Even when asked to try rehair my Mongolian-Chinese (Morin Khuur/Matouqin- bought externally) instrument bow, which is unfamiliar to them, they are willing to try and stated there could be risks which I then signed the undertaking form but turns out, they made my bow better than before! Top-notch work! Will love to come back often to support their Lutherie! I really have no complaints. Do come by anytime! I had spent hours even within a day itself, just to practice my instruments in their quiet and conducive room. Thanks for reading this long post. Ignore any fake negative reviews! -Update 28 Jun 2024- Again.. I really want to thank Mr. Oleg W. again for the time and the fantastic cello experience. Just 2 terms, I went "from zero to cello." I am now able to read and play simple pieces. I can even practice on my own with a proper foundation and directions.
thank you so much for the wonderful care you've given my violin. greatly appreciate the complimentary cleaning and your attention to detail. thank you for your warm hospitality, and for introducing me to your Luthier who thoroughly explained the repair details. additionally, it is also evident that Janice has elevated the LVL family with her exceptional contributions to create a nurturing and loving environment, allowing children to learn and grow with confidence. She consistently shows immense kindness and support to both teachers and students.
We highly recommend this school. We were only in Singapore for a few months and our kids, aged 4 and 6, wanted to try learning piano. We are French and our kids have only a very basic understanding of English. Nevertheless the teacher at LVL Academy adapted to their level, they were excited to attend each lesson and told us proudly of what they had learned. The location of the school is very convenient, and we were given precise instructions about how to get there. Smooth communication via whatsapp weekly. The building the school is in is very interesting too, kids were eager to explore all the schools and ateliers it held. Nothing but good things to say and highly recommend and hope to study with you again in the future. Thank you Patsy and team, blessings and happy Christmas!
Cozy music school atop the hill. Teacher Janice was very approachable and helpful with our enquiries on violin repair. She was upfront about the charges and doesn’t hard sell. This is unlike many other schools out there that have become very commercialised.
Dear Teacher Oleg, thank you for teaching me the cello. I really appreciate you - you are an amazing and the best teacher - always kind and patient to me and also one of the coolest cellist I’ve met. I hope I will be able to improve in playing the cello and make you proud. ❤️, Liam Dear Teacher Oleg, you are an exceptional cello teacher to Liam. I am grateful to have you teach and guide Liam. 🙏 Dear Ms Janice, thank you so much for building up the LVL family. You are always most wonderful to your teachers and students. We are thankful for the nurturing and loving environment that my children can learn and grow in. Liam is absolutely enjoying his musical journey and has been committed to his cello because of the encouragement from all of you. Looking forward to have Kate join in this family soon. We are blessed 🙏 Dear Aunty Patsy, you have been most patient and helpful to us. It was your warmth and patience in speaking with us the first time we met that left us a positive impression of LVL and that’s when we decided this was the right music school for us! Am very thankful for you. 🤗


Common Questions About Music Lessons (FAQ)

LVL Music Academy provides individual 1-to-1 music lessons as well as group classes at our music studio located at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace (2mins from Chinatown MRT) or at your home.

Yes, we provide music instruments for purchase or rental if you need one. You can check our instrument shop to find out more.

At LVL we believe in quality premium learning, so we always make sure that each student understands a new skill before letting you leave the classroom.

Each instrument has its own difficulties, but base on our experience and research, the violin is the most difficult one to learn. Followed by viola, cello and piano. Therefore, getting a good teacher to guide you in your learning journey is very important

We believe that your child can start taking lessons when they turn 4. But we always encourage parents to get their kids introduced to fun musical activities at earlier stage.

36 hours  advance notice is required for us to arrange a make up lessons if not the class will be forfeited. 

There are 4 terms in a year. Term 1 is Jan-Mar, Term 2 is Apr-Jun, Term 3 is Jul-Sep and Term 4 is Oct-Dec.

Once payment received, no refund is allowed. You will need to complete your lessons.

Music lessons in Singapore start from $75 per lesson for 1-to-1 class.

for STUDIO & instrument shop

Our Address:

LVL Music Academy
195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-11/12
Singapore 168976


By Car:

Drive along Eu Tong Sen Street to enter Pearl’s Hill Terrace. Plenty of carpark available.


Take to Chinatown MRT, exit C towards People’s Park Food Centre. Cut across the food centre and exit at the back of it. Walk up the flight of steps up that will bring you up to 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace.

Download the MRT directions in PDF 

music class in Singapore by LVL Music Academy