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Embark on your piano journey at LVL Music Academy led by Principal Ms. Janice. Our diverse team of European, Russian, and local teachers ensures the best experience for all ages.

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Piano School in Singapore

Why choose LVL Music Academy over other piano schools

At LVL Music Academy, our commitment to excellence shines through our custom piano curriculums. Whether for one-to-one or group lessons at our advanced studios, our piano teachers, led by Principal Ms. Janice, ensure an enriching journey.

Meticulously crafted lessons, paced to individual needs, guarantee proficiency beyond standards. Rest assured that our piano teachers will guide you through our thoughtfully designed LVL Piano curriculum, guaranteeing an outstanding educational journey.

Structured Piano Programme

Structured Piano Programme

Dive into music with our piano programs—where theory, technique, and performance unite in a fun, engaging blend.

Overseas music exchange programme

Overseas Music Programme

Explore diverse cultures, engage with global piano students – e.g., London Music Exchange

piano recital

Performance Opportunities

Showcase your skills at our recitals, sharing your craft with peers, family, and friends. (Eg. Victoria Concert Hall)


All our piano teachers in Singapore are extensively trained, ensuring top-notch delivery of our piano programs for optimal results.


Prepare for ABRSM & Trinity exams with us, or simply enjoy learning for pure enjoyment.


Unleash potential with exclusive books and LVL’s tailored curriculum, igniting passion for piano.

piano lessons tailored to your schedule and convenience

At LVL Music Academy we offer both piano lessons at our school located 2mins from Chinatown MRT, at the student’s home or online. Choosing between these options completely depends on your personal preferences and needs. Here are some vital points to consider about each of the locations mentioned:


Inspiring state of the art studios at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #01-11/12


Let melodies come alive in the comfort of your own space.


Learn conveniently from anywhere, at any time with your smart devices.

rates for piano lessons in singapore

Our piano lesson rates are determined by lesson duration and the student’s level. Thanks to the expert guidance of our highly trained teachers, we offer suitable fees without compromising on teaching quality.

Piano lessons fees may vary accordingly. For example, the prices differ between beginners and advanced players, ensuring a fair and personalised approach to learning that is in line with our LVL curriculum.

Piano Grade


Lesson Fee

Beginners to Grade 4

30 mins


Beginners to Grade 4

45 mins


Grade 5 to 6

45 mins


Grade 7 to 8

60 mins



60 mins


what our students say

Dear Teacher Oleg, thank you for teaching me the cello. I really appreciate you - you are an amazing and the best teacher - always kind and patient to me and also one of the coolest cellist I’ve met. I hope I will be able to improve in playing the cello and make you proud. ❤️, Liam Dear Teacher Oleg, you are an exceptional cello teacher to Liam. I am grateful to have you teach and guide Liam. 🙏 Dear Ms Janice, thank you so much for building up the LVL family. You are always most wonderful to your teachers and students. We are thankful for the nurturing and loving environment that my children can learn and grow in. Liam is absolutely enjoying his musical journey and has been committed to his cello because of the encouragement from all of you. Looking forward to have Kate join in this family soon. We are blessed 🙏 Dear Aunty Patsy, you have been most patient and helpful to us. It was your warmth and patience in speaking with us the first time we met that left us a positive impression of LVL and that’s when we decided this was the right music school for us! Am very thankful for you. 🤗
LVL Music Academy has been an exceptional part of my musical journey. Ms. Janice, whose unwavering dedication to music education sets the foundation for a remarkable learning experience. Ms. Patsy, the administrative staff is very efficient and her unwavering support ensure that everything runs smoothly. She's always there with a helping hand and a friendly smile. Teacher Oleg, my cello instructor. I've been under his guidance for over a year now, and his patience knows no bounds. He's not just a teacher; he's a mentor who makes learning the cello an incredibly enriching experience. LVL Music Academy is where passion meets professionalism, and I couldn't be happier with my musical journey here.
We highly recommend this school. We were only in Singapore for a few months and our kids, aged 4 and 6, wanted to try learning piano. We are French and our kids have only a very basic understanding of English. Nevertheless the teacher at LVL Academy adapted to their level, they were excited to attend each lesson and told us proudly of what they had learned. The location of the school is very convenient, and we were given precise instructions about how to get their. Smooth communication via whatsapp weekly. The building the school is in is very interested too, kids were eager to explore all the schools and ateliers it held. Nothing but good things to say and highly recommend and hooe to study with you again in the future. Thank you Patsy and team, blessings and happy Christmas!
Been learning under Teacher Tammie for a while now. Very patient and encouraging teacher. She answers all my questions even though the questions may sound silly. Very happy to be learning from a teacher who is passionate and caring. Patsy is also always so willing to help and so accommodating to my schedule. She always try her best to make the schedule work for me. Really a joy to deal with her. Janice is such a wonderful and generous teacher/business owner! Always greeting everyone with a huge smile. Her sincerity is without doubt. Love chatting with her on occasion. Love her passion to bring the best music education to the little kids enrolled in the school, and not forgetting the adults as well! Thank you LVL!
I am impressed with the musical performances by the children of all ages. The combination of violin, cello and piano numbers were truly enchanting. The young musicians added a beautiful dimension to the children's concert. Thank you so much for inviting me to the musical children's concert. It was a delightful experience and I truly appreciated being part of it.

How to begin your piano lessons in Singapore

In Singapore, piano lessons are highly sought-after extra-curricular activities for children. If you’re unsure how to start classes for yourself or your child, worry not! LVL Music Academy is here to guide you.

With our extensive experience in the music industry and specialised knowledge in piano lessons, we will help you learn the piano in the most ideal way.

With our own meticulously crafted curriculum, our professionally trained piano teachers have everything covered for you or your child, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable piano learning journey.

beginner piano lessons
Student learning to play the piano

Discover the Magic of Music:
Engaging Piano Lessons for Kids at LVL Music Academy!

We take immense pride in our own meticulously crafted piano curriculum, designed to captivate young minds and nurture their musical passion. Our professionally trained teachers are dedicated to providing engaging and enjoyable lessons, fostering sustained interest and enthusiasm in every child.

At LVL Music Academy, we firmly believe that any child above 4 can learn the piano and stay engaged with the right curriculum. Our experienced team carefully tailors each lesson based on your child’s age and abilities, ensuring they have the most productive and enjoyable piano learning journey.

Join us on this musical adventure, where your child’s creativity and musicality are celebrated and nurtured. Together, let’s watch their musical spark flourish and unlock the magic of music! Enrol at LVL Music Academy and witness the wonders of music learning for your child today!

Student learning the piano
adult piano lessons
Adult student learning the piano

Piano Lessons For Adults

Our passion lies in offering joyful piano lessons specifically designed for adults, encompassing our meticulously curated piano curriculum. With expertise and dedication, our professionally trained teachers are devoted to addressing your individual needs, guaranteeing a truly rewarding and transformative learning experience.

At LVL Music Academy, we take pride in nurturing our adult students, which includes working professionals and happily retired individuals, who flourish with the added convenience of our flexible schedule options. Embrace the fulfilment of your musical aspirations in Singapore as you embark on this exciting journey with us. Don’t wait any longer—start playing and create beautiful melodies today!

Beginner Piano Lessons

Embarking on a music learning journey as a beginner in Singapore can be both exciting and daunting. However, with LVL Music Academy by your side, you or your child can rest assured that the path to piano proficiency will be smooth and enjoyable. 

Our beginner piano lessons are thoughtfully designed to instil a strong foundation in music theory, technique, and performance. Our team of experienced and patient teachers understands the unique needs of beginners, offering personalised guidance and support throughout the learning process.

With a warm and encouraging environment, we foster a love for music, setting the stage for a lifelong passion for the piano. Whether you are a young aspiring pianist or an adult ready to embrace a new skill, LVL Music Academy is here to help you unlock your musical potential and create beautiful melodies with confidence and joy.

What Is The Difference Between Pop, Jazz & Classical Piano Lessons?

The difference between all these classes that have been mentioned here is the type of music you wish to focus on. Each style of music comes with its own set of techniques and musical considerations. For example, during Jazz piano lessons, you will have to learn some Jazz music theory along the way. This means learning chords that are specifically tailored to playing Jazz music.

While certain chord progressions will be commonly taught in pop piano lessons, they may not be found as often in classical music. Many musical decorations and ways of playing will be needed in classical music and not in pop music. Many believe that classical piano lessons are the only choice or the ‘best’ choice for their child, however, this is not necessarily the case.

There is no one style of music that is easier than the other, as this is completely subjective and depends on the player and their musical capabilities. Choosing the style of music that you wish to learn is your decision, and will depend on your aspirations. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from learning all three styles at once!

Common Questions About Piano Lessons

Am I too old to learn piano in Singapore?

Of course not! There are no age limitations to begin learning the piano in Singapore. It is better late than never.

Do you have piano trial lesson?

Yes we do provide trial lessons. This would be a great way for you to decipher if piano is an instrument you want to learn and if you can have a good learning rapport with the teacher.

What if I am unable to catch up on what was taught in the previous class?

Our piano teachers will always make sure you understand and master a skill before moving forward. Every class is tailored according to each student’s ability to learn.

I am a complete beginner, can I join group piano classes?

I would recommend group piano lessons for more advanced players. Beginners would learn more from a 1-to-1 class. You get to learn the right basics and build a good foundation.

Where are your piano classes conducted at?

We provide individual and group piano classes at our music studio located at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace (2mins from Chinatown MRT) or at your home.

With our 1-to-1 individual piano lessons in Singapore at LVL music studios, you will have the teacher’s undivided attention, and we will be able to monitor your progress better. This will ensure that you build a good technical foundation.

I am going on a holiday for a few weeks, will I be able to utilise my lessons for another time?

Yes, you can. You can schedule the lessons after you come back from your holiday.

trial lesson available!