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What are digital pianos?

So you may be in the market for a new piano and are confused as to where to look. Maybe you even heard about digital pianos but you know nothing about them. Read on! We have all the information you could need about digital pianos right here.

A digital piano is an electric keyboard that is an alternative to the traditional piano. Digital pianos usually produce sound through synthesized emulation which is then amplified through a speaker built-in to the piano. A digital piano will feel the exact same as a traditional piano when you are playing it, but obviously the sound will be slightly different.

The Benefits of a digital piano

Now that you understand exactly what a digital piano is, you may be wondering what the benefits of it are, and why would someone purchase a digital piano over a traditional, acoustic piano.


There are many benefits to purchasing a digital piano over an acoustic piano, the first one being that you can play in ‘silence.’ This is a huge advantage over a traditional piano and is perfect for anyone that lives in a house where they do not want to disturb others when they are practicing. With a digital piano you can easily plug in your headphones and practice without anyone else hearing!

Sounds and effects

The next huge advantage of a digital piano is you can perform and practice with a variety of sounds and effects. Unlike an acoustic piano, a digital piano will include a huge library of sounds that you can incorporate into your music. This not only makes your music more interesting but will help develop your techniques of playing a variety of styles!


The third big benefit of purchasing a digital piano is that they are much cheaper than a traditional one! A lot of people simply do not have the means to purchase an expensive, acoustic piano and, therefore, a digital piano is a fantastic alternative.

A trusted piano shop in Singapore

Now that you have been presented with the benefits of purchasing a digital piano, perhaps you are now wondering where is the best place to buy one?

The LVL Music Academy in Singapore is a fantastic and reliable store to purchase a new digital piano. This piano shop in Singapore is renowned by students and professional players for being one of the highest quality music stores. You can be assured that the instruments that you can purchase here are of top quality!

The LVL Music Academy have a wide selection of fantastic digital pianos to suit everyone’s preferences and budgets so you can be sure to find the best digital piano there for you!

Are you a beginner player?

If you are a beginner to the piano then you will want to find the perfect digital piano for your learning level. Digital pianos range in what they can offer you and we know how confusing it can be trying to choose one!

At LVL Music Academy we have a wide range of digital beginners pianos that are of the highest quality. For instance, the Korg LP-380. Not only is this digital piano being sold for a fantastic price, but it has everything you could need from your first digital beginners piano! You can also find a range of other great beginners pianos in our music shop.