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Explore your musical talents with highly qualified European, Russian & local violin teachers in Singapore led by Ms. Janice.

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Why choose LVL Music Academy's violin lessons over other schools

Structured Violin Programme

Structured Violin Curriculum

Our curriculum lays the groundwork for music theory, technique, performance, and vital violin skills development.

Overseas music exchange programme

Overseas Music Programme

You are given a chance to experience different cultures, interact with international music students. (London Music Exchange)

music performing opportunities

Performance Opportunities

Our recitals are for you to showcase your hard earned skills and share your craft with peers, family, and friends. (Victoria Concert Hall)

Kids violin lessons for beginners

Kids Violin Lessons

Kickstart your child's musical journey with our enjoyable classes for kids. Our interactive programmes is specially crafted to make learning the violin a delightful experience for young beginners while nurturing their musical talents in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

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violin lessons for adults in singapore

Adults Violin Lessons

Discover the art of playing the violin as an adult through our comprehensive programmes customised for beginners and returning players. Enjoy the flexibility to play for leisure or pursue grading, all with the freedom to choose your preferred date and time for classes.

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Experience the magic of melodies coming alive within the comfort of your own personal space


Conveniently learn from anywhere and at any time using your smart devices


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Principal / Co-founder
Janice's journey with the violin began at the tender age of six. She displayed exceptional talent throughout her youth, becoming a valued member of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and proudly representing Singapore at a music festival in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2001. In 2006, she took her passion to the next level by joining The Philharmonic Orchestra. Notably, Janice devoted herself to teaching music at esteemed MOE institutions like MGS, PLMGS, and CHIJ. With over two decades of experience teaching both children and adults, she now serves as the principal at LVL Music Academy. Beyond her musical career, Janice finds joy in her role as a mother to her two children.

Maftuna Violin Teacher at LVL Music Academy


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1-to-1 violin lesson fees:


$ 75
/30 MINS
$ 85
/45 MINS
$ 110
/60 MINS

GRADE 1 - 4

$ 75
/30 MINS
$ 85
/45 MINS
$ 110
/60 MINS

GRADE 5 - 6

$ 100
/45 MINS

GRADE 7 - 8

$ 130
/60 MINS


$ 160+
/60 MINS

What to expect during your violin class


Structured Violin Programme
Violin school near me in Singapore
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Common Questions (FAQ):

Is there a minimum age to start violin classes?

Ideally a good age to learn would be 4 years old onwards. However some children as young as 3 years 6 months old can start too. Every child is different. Best to do a trial class first to see if your child is ready.

Am I too old to join violin classes?

There is no age limit. If you put your heart in it, anyone can learn the violin. One of our top performing students is 67 years old and he joined at the age of 65!

How to choose the best violin for beginners? (I do not have a violin)

At LVL Music Academy, we will guide you on how to do so. Beginner violins for sale and rental are available at our shop. Please talk to our sales team.

What happens if I am unable to catch up on what was taught in the previous class?

Our teachers will always make sure you understand and master a skill before moving forward. Every class is tailored according to each student’s ability to learn.

Do you provide online violin lessons?

Yes, we do. We have individual, group and online lessons.

Do you offer group classes for beginners?

Yes, we do.

How hard is it to learn the violin?

Learning the violin can be quite challenging, as it requires dedication, practice, and patience. However, with LVL's proven curriculum, you can learn in no time.

I am going on a holiday for 2 weeks, will I be able to utilise my lessons for another time?

Yes, you can. You can schedule the lessons after you come back from your holiday.

Can parent(s) sit in the class with the child?

Yes, encouraged. This way you can know your child’s progress and also assist your child during home practice.

Is it a must to do examinations (ABRSM)?

No, it is not. But it is encouraged so we can work towards goals. Leisure learning is available too.

How long does it take to become a violinist in Singapore?

In 4 lessons you will be able to play some simple tunes. To become a great violinist it takes dedication & practice, our teachers will help you with that.

Do you provide classes other than violin lessons?

Yes, we provide viola, cello and piano. You can find more info here.

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Violin & Theory

Maftuna is a violin teacher at LVL Music Academy. She started learning the violin at the age of 5 in Russia. In 2000, she entered Russia music school No 4 studying with Kosenkova Olga Maftuna is a laureate of numerous competitions and music festivals. With the school orchestra Maftuna toured to the major cities of Russia. Maftuna graduated from the Saratov State Conservatory with Bachelor degree, mentored by Mindlin Mikhail, Nesterov Sergei, Goldenberg Anna and Ryu Hee Yoon. She had chamber collaborations with Denis Severin, Alexander Rudin, Vladimir Neymer and Anatolia Levin. Maftuna has worked as a violin teacher in different Russian Music Schools in Russia as well as orchestra musician with Saratov Chamber Orchestra. Known to be a dedicated and patient teacher. Able to prepare students for exams or to play for leisure


Violin, Piano & Theory

Tammie is a violin teacher at LVL Music Academy. She spent her childhood in New Zeland and graduated in University of New Zeland with a Bachelor of Music, violin major. She has over 20 years of teaching experience. She has been involved in orchestra and ensemble performances for many years. She is passionate about teaching and passing her music knowledge to her students. Able to teach both adults and kids students. She can prepare students for ABRSM Practical and Theory examination. Works well with both adults and kids students.


Violin & Theory

Leonid is a violin teacher at LVL studying under professor Qian Zhou at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS. He was the concert master of the Symphony Orchestra Of Ukraine. As a violinist, he has performed in Graz,Austria, Poland,Ukraine,Singapore,etc . In 2019, he won the Lviv Virtuoso competition as a grand finalist. He had the opportunity to attend master classes by famous violinist such as Oleg Kaskiv, Oleksandr Tatarinzev, Jakub Dzialak and many more. A very good violinist and teacher. His teaching methods are great for both kids and adults students. Known to be a patient and dedicated teacher.


Violin & Theory

Kamila is a violin teacher at LVL Music Academy. She is currently enrolled with Yong Siew Toh Music Conservatory - Bachelor in Music, Violin and Piano. She has obtained first prize in international competitions such as Istedod and Suzov Music Competition. She was given the privilege to attend masterclasses by famous musciains such as Chen Hi, Yuri Bashmet, Vladimir Dyo,etc. She is able to teach both adults and kids students for leisure and examinations. Known to be a patient and dedicated teacher.