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Since 2013, LVL Music Academy has established itself as a prominent music academy and violin shop in Singapore. Recognising that many students often struggle to find violins in Singapore that are tailored to their proficiency levels, we developed a solution. We initiated a partnership with the most skilled master craftsmen in the realm of string instruments, working together to create exceptional violins suitable for players ranging from kids and adults beginners to advanced violin players.

Our inventory includes a diverse range of violin models and sizes for you to explore. Additionally, we proudly introduce our exclusive violin brand, “JViolins,” meticulously curated by top-tier violin artisans. Owning a high-quality good violin not only inspires you with its beautiful sound but also elevates your playing experience through enhanced comfort.

Violins Direct From The Maker


When it comes to violins for both adults and children, LVL Music Academy’s violin shop is the place to go. Whether you prefer renting or buying, we have you covered. You can visit our violin shop to personally select from a variety of available violins, or you can conveniently make your purchase online.

At LVL Music Academy, we take pride in our diverse range of violins available for sale in Singapore. Our inventory spans from semi-handcrafted to entirely handmade violins, including antique pieces. As a recognized partner in the music industry endorsed by Google, our violin shop in Singapore stands as a reliable source for all your violin needs in the region.

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Selecting the ideal violin can be an intimidating task. At LVL Music Academy, we’ve taken the initiative to simplify this process by handpicking premium violins tailored to your skill level. This not only eases your decision-making but also ensures that your violin journey begins with an instrument perfectly suited to your requirements. We firmly believe that every aspiring musician should have access to a high-quality violin as they embark on their musical adventure.

Inside our Singapore-based violin shop, you’ll uncover top-notch violins that are not only exceptional in quality but also easy on your budget.

Typically for beginners, you can start with either of JViolins models:


In addition to our exclusive JViolins brand, we offer a diverse selection of handmade and antique violins crafted by European makers. You can explore all these exquisite instruments in our shop, such as below models:

European violin brands

These handmade violins, minimally naturally aged for 10 years, are fitted with top-notch violin strings, making them exceptional choices, especially for beginner adults. Each violin’s plates are meticulously checked and readjusted by hand individually. They come with instalment plans, providing you with budget-friendly options.

Interestingly, we’ve observed a growing trend among beginner students who opt to begin their violin lessons with a handmade violin. This decision allows them to commence their learning experience with a high-quality instrument, eliminating the need to switch violins halfway through their progression.

Moreover, a good-quality violin, in itself, produces beautiful sounds, enabling you to focus on refining your techniques and meeting your musical requirements.


Furthermore, we stand behind the quality of our violins with a warranty, ensuring your peace of mind with your purchase. Plus, our fully supported violin workshop is at your service to meet any needs you might have, whether it’s for violin repairs or meticulous restoration work. Your violin’s maintenance and care are in capable hands at LVL Music Academy.

warranty and workshop for violins sold at LVL Music Academy


If you are above 13 years old, you are very likely to need to use a full sized violin (4/4). However, if you are below 13 years old, you will need one of these violin sizes, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4.

To determine the correct size, please kindly do the following:

  1. Put your arm out and measure the length from neck to middle of palm
  2. Take the measurement and refer to the violin size chart below to determine your violin size
violin size chart in singapore


For beginners, a good violin typically costs around $400. Intermediate options range from $795 to $1,600. Professional-grade violins can range from $3,250 to $30,000.

Violins prices can vary base on the type of wood used to make the violin, as well as the maker of the violin.

At LVL Music Academy, we offer a range of violin options, and each violin purchase includes a bow and a case.

If you’re interested in renting a violin before committing to a purchase, we have a convenient rent-to-own scheme starting at S$20 per month. This scheme allows you to gradually own the instrument while enjoying it for your musical journey.


Recognising that our novice students may prefer not to commit to the higher ranged handmade violins until they’re certain about their long-term dedication to learning the instrument, we have designed an ideal solution. Specifically tailored for both adults and kids, we offer learner violins – JV01 and JV02 models.

To accommodate the varied needs and preferences of our students, we offer the flexibility to either make a purchase or opt for rental. Additionally, it’s worth noting that every violin you acquire through us includes a bow and a protective case, ensuring that you have all the necessary components to embark on your musical journey with ease and confidence.