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Magic of Christmas 2022
@ Esplanade

Past Event: 08 Dec 2022

Peace Recital 2022
@ Trehaus

Past Event: 13 March 2022

Cello short course 2022

Cello Short Course

Past Event: 16 March 2022

Music school holiday camp March 2022

Around The world
March School Holiday Camp

Past Event: 17 March 2022

Chinese New Year 2022
Kids Ensemble

Past Event

Halloween Party Camp 2021

Halloween 2021
Kids Ensemble

Past Event

Violin and Cello
Short Course


NDP Concert 2021

NDP Concert 2021
Gardens By The Bay

Past Event

Music Adventure
Dec School Holiday Camp

Past Event

Valentine's Day Feb 2022

Valentine's Day Special
Couple's Edition

Past Event