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Explore your musical potential with our team of skilled European, Russian & local cello teachers in Singapore, guided by Ms. Janice. Experience a transformative journey at LVL Music Academy; Cello classes at OUR STUDIO, HOME or ONLINE.

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Adults cello lessons in Singapore
Cello classes for kids and adults

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Inspiring state of the art cello studios at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #01-11/12


Let melodies come alive in the comfort of your own space


Learn conveniently from anywhere, at any time with your smart devices.

Individual 1-to-1 and group cello lessons available. Suitable for beginners and advanced kids and adults students.



ABRSM certified, Diploma and Degree holders with years of experience with kids and adults.


Embrace the chance to showcase your talents and participate in performances, playing alongside fellow students.


Unlock your potential with our exclusive and expertly crafted cello books. Elevate your musical journey through LVL’s carefully designed curriculum.


The cello comes form the violin family which is a bowed string and it is derived from the Italian word “violoncello”. Similar to violin and viola, the cello has four strings and it is said that cello imitates the human voice.

Kids cello lessons


we prepare you for abrsm & trinity exams


Level Up Your Music Skills with LVL Music Academy

Structured Cello Programme

Structured Cello Programme

LVL Music Academy’s Structured Cello Program is crafted to provide a strong foundation in the areas of music theory, technique, and performance. It encourages students to master the art of playing cello with poise and finesse.

Cello music exchange programme

Music Exchange Programme

Our Overseas Music Exchange scheme provides an unrivalled opportunity to connect with other music students from around the world, broaden your knowledge of different cultures, and master musical techniques.

Cello music recitals

Yearly Music Recitals

Student recitals held at renowned Singaporean concert halls such as Esplanade Concert Hall are a great way for budding musicians to showcase their exceptional talents. Plus, it provides an opportunity for family members, friends and peers to appreciate their craft.


All the cello lessons at LVL Music Academy are customised to meet the individual needs and goals of each student with the use of an effective and highly innovative teaching method for helping students excel in music theory, technique, sight-reading, ear training, and musicianship.

Mastering pieces, improvising and composing & arranging before you know it. Learn how to make up tunes, read music, play chords, play by ear, understand the differences between genres and have a blast doing it! All these will be taught to you by your cello teacher.

Learning from the best Cello Teachers in Singapore

Our best cello teachers in Singapore will ensure that you will build a solid foundation in your techniques before moving on to the next level. With a good foundation, you can learn the rest with ease.

Cello teachers in Singapore


Our lessons are strategically planned to cover all basic cello techniques, learning some fun popular songs along the way too to keep children excited. Each lesson is special & unique to bring out the best in each child. Get your child musically ready to take ABRSM exam in Singapore or simply let them learn the cello as a skill.

cello classes for adults


Our studio and home cello lessons are flexibly catered to adults with busy schedules to be able to follow their dream of learning to play the cello according to their own schedules.


You want to be sure that you are being guided from a teacher with years of experience teaching the cello who is a dedicated teacher. With multiple qualified cello teachers, guided by Ms. Janice you will have an optimal cello learning experience. Read more here about our principal.

How to begin your cello lessons In singapore

At LVL Music Academy, we take immense pride in being the place for cello lessons in Singapore where we expertly guide and wholeheartedly support you on your cello journey. With extensive experience in the music industry, we are highly confident in helping you make well-informed decisions about starting your cello lessons and choosing your ideal cello instrument at our LVL cello shop.

Trust us to be your dedicated partner in fulfilling your cello aspirations and learning under our finest cello teachers in Singapore, making your musical dreams come true.

1-to-1 Cello Lessons Customised For Beginners

Our pride lies in the diversity and expertise of our cello teachers. With backgrounds ranging from Russian, European to local, they bring a wealth of knowledge to your musical journey. Our thoughtfully designed curriculum, featuring exclusive LVL cello books, ensures an elevated learning experience.

Strong Foundations for Musical Growth

We understand the importance of strong foundations for our students, forming the bedrock of their musical growth and proficiency. With dedicated focus on proper posture, bow hold, and note reading, our cello teachers offer patient guidance to help students reach their fullest potential.

Passionate About Cello? Join Us!

For passionate cellists or those seeking a new hobby, LVL Music Academy Cello School offers effective Singapore cello lessons with dedicated cello teachers. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, there’s no age limit to learning the cello. Our cello classes cater to diverse learners, emphasising practice, discipline, and individual progress.

Tailored Cello Lessons for All

We recognize that every student learns differently, so our beginner and intermediate cello lessons are specifically designed to cater to individual needs. Unlock your musical potential with personalized guidance at LVL Music Academy Cello School.

Cello school in Singapore
Cello class

Opportunities to perform on stage

Here at LVL Music Academy, we give students of all ages and levels an opportunity to perform on stage. This will give students confidence and to experience what it is like to perform.
If you are still not ready to perform, you may observe other students perform as an audience. With this, you can also learn from other students too. Our cello teachers will work with you on a music piece that you will enjoy and feel comfortable to play in front of others.

cello lessons for adults
cello school


Cello Teacher Oleg


Cello & Theory


Cello & Theory

Need a CELLO to start your class?

Cellos available for purchase or rental

NDP LVL Music Academy Singapore

Owning a cello

As a relatively large instrument, nearly 3/4 the size of an average adult, the cello requires special attention to ensure its longevity and optimum performance. At LVL Music Academy, we understand the importance of proper cello care.

If you do not have a cello yet, do not worry! Contact us, and we will guide you through the various cello options available at our LVL cello shop, helping you make an informed decision when purchasing your own instrument.

Cellos come in different sizes to suit different ages. Typically, students around 13 years old will use a full-size cello. Allow us to assist you in finding the perfect cello that complements your musical journey and supports your growth as a cellist.

We have our own in house cello workshop that can support the maintenance of your cello.



what our students say

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It's been a great experience learning violin under Janice's guidance, a new and difficult instrument to pick up for me. She has been one of the best motivators. She is both a Friend and teacher to me. Superb tutor.
Mother of Samaira
Mother of Samaira
Read More
Janice has been a very patient with my 4 year old daughter who is starting to enjoy her classes more. She is good with kids and is able to understand as well as adjust her teaching techniques as per their needs.
Zhi Peng
Zhi Peng
Read More
Janice is a helpful teacher and gave me a good start to learning the violin as an absolute beginner. Very patient when correcting techniques and conducts lessons that includes practical skills and music theory.
Shane Mok
Shane Mok
Read More
Learning the violin with Janice has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Accommodating and patient, she adjusts the lesson pacing to suit each student, making it a joy for anyone to jump into learning the violin. She makes learning music theory easy and fun, even for a beginner. During the first conversation, she took the effort to understand my needs, goals and even my preferred location, before pairing me with a teacher. You can be certain that you will be in good hands throughout your journey with the violin!
Mother of Sze Meen
Mother of Sze Meen
Read More
Previously, Sze Meen had violin lessons in a well-known music school without much progress. Thereafter, we found teacher Janice, who is very patient and experienced. Under her guidance, Sze Meen has made good progress and became more motivated to learn. Teacher Janice makes the effort to update on Sze Meen's progress after every lesson. I'm so glad to have found a good violin teacher for Sze Meen!
Read More
I have had around 6 lessons with Janice and it has been very helpful. In the past I had tried learning the violin by myself, on and off over 2 years or so, and made very little progress. As an adult learner with no prior musical training and blessed with poor body awareness, I do need plenty of guidance - and it's great to be able to get that. Janice emphasizes a lot on having the right posture, hold, bowing, and on being relaxed. She goes to great lengths to fix my errors, hand-holding till things are right. There is plenty to unlearn if you didn't start correctly. I also like the selection and order of her lessons and the pieces we play. Janice has initiated me into reading musical notation, which I had incorrectly presumed was very diffcult. This has made it possible for me to discover and learn new music to practise.
Zuzana Budinska
Zuzana Budinska
Read More
I have been attending going to Janice for violin classes for months now and it’s been a great experience. She has amazing personality, while she is fun personality, always smiling, she is on point with learning, which is amazing combination for a teacher. I started as a complete beginner and she is very patient with me all the time, even when i miss classes and practicing due to crazy work at my office. I would totally recommend Janice as a teacher for beginners as well as advanced. Btw she has been playing violin for decades, hence when she plays, it’s extremely motivating.
Ankur Baranwal
Ankur Baranwal
Read More
It is really helpful to have such a service to connect with teachers directly. I had first emailed many schools for lessons for an adult beginner, and had got almost no replies. Having been learning with Janice has been very helpful to correct my errors and learn the basics properly from the ground up. She is patient and her lessons have been a good mix of theory and practice, strengthened through exam preparations. I also appreciate the flexibility of being able to arrange timings at mutual convenience, as my schedule is unpredictable - don't think this would have been possible through a big-name school.
Oh Zee Ning
Oh Zee Ning
Read More
The lessons are fun and interesting The teacher is knd and helpful as she helps me whenever i need help.

LVL Cello Lessons Fees in Singapore

Learning the cello is an enjoyable journey that requires time and dedication for mastery. Our thoughtfully designed curriculum, featuring exclusive LVL cello books, ensures an elevated learning experience. With our experienced cello teachers in Singapore, who have honed their craft for years, you’ll receive top-notch instruction and excel in cello playing.

Choose from individual 1-to-1 cello classes, conducted at our LVL studio, your home, or online. Join us and embark on a fulfilling musical adventure with the cello.

For group cello classes you can have your classes at LVL studio.

Cello lessons cost can vary widely depending on the levels and class sizes:

  • GRADE 1-3 CELLO LESSONS $60-$95/lesson
  • GRADE 4-6 CELLOS LESSONS $70-$105/lesson
  • GRADE 7-8 CELLO LESSONS $95-$150/lesson
  • DIPLOMA & ABOVE CELLO LESSONS From $160/lesson

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Common Questions About Cello Classes

Do I need to own a cello to start?

You can use our cellos for your classes. For home practice you may purchase or rent from our LVL cello shop.

How old should my kid be to start taking cello lessons?

Typically, anytime kid older than 5 can start learning how to play the cello.

Can adults learn cello?

If you are interested in learning the cello there are no age limitations! You can start at any age. With our flexible cello classes you will have no excuses to start your lessons.

Can I do a trial lesson?

Yes, we offer cello trial lessons for first-timers.

Should I learn cello or violin?

Cello and violin are both great string instruments, making the decision which one to choose is really a matter of interest. But for further clarification you can talk to our sales team first at 82004711.

Do you provide online cello lessons in Singapore?

Yes, we have online cello lessons for your convenience but we encourage you to have your individual 1-to-1 classes at our state of the art studios located at 195 Pearl's Hill terrace.

Start your cello classes today at LVL Music Academy and embark on a rewarding cello journey


Cello & Theory

Oleg is a cello teacher at LVL Music Academy. He has a Bachelor of Music with Honors Degree from Yong Siew Toh Music Conservatory (YST), NUS. He is an experienced concert cellist, as well as chamber and orchestra musician. He has participated in several music competitions in Kazakhstan, Russia and Italy. He has had masterclasses with famous cellists and chamber musicians such as Joel Krosnick, Alexander Buzlov, Gabor Takacs Nagy and Julliard String Quartet. He is able to prepare students for examinations or to learn music for leisure. Known to be a patient and dedicated teacher. Works well with kids and adults students.


Cello, Piano & Theory

Teacher Beka is a cello and piano teacher at LVL Music Academy. He has a Diploma in Piano and is currently enrolled at the Yong Siew Tong Conservatory school of music, Bachelor in Music. He is an orchestra member and is a finalist for various competitions obtained in London, Germany, Malaysia, etc. He has the opportunity to attend masterclasses by renowed musicians such as I. Seleznev, Y. Bagratuni, Curtis String Quartet and many more. He is able to prepare students for exams or learn leisurely. Works well with kids and adults. Known to be a very dedicated teacher.