Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings

Pirastro Tonica violin strings feature a nylon core for a balanced, lively sound across all strings. These medium-tension strings reduce background noise, ensuring smooth tone and easy string crossings.

Offering good projection and warmth, they are suitable for all instruments, remaining consistent in varied conditions, a reliable choice for musicians.



Strings Material

The strings are made of the following materials:

E string : Silvery steel

A string : Nylon core, aluminum

D string : Nylon core, silver

G string : Nylon core, silver


String: Set, E, A, D, G

Size: 4/4, 1/2-3/4, 1/8-1/4


  • Tonica strings feature a nylon core.
  • They offer a lively, well-rounded sound with perfect balance across all strings.
  • Responsive to various bowing styles, providing an open and direct sound.
  • Substantially reduced background ‘hiss’ for a more even tone and smoother string crossings.
  • Highly responsive left-hand feel, easy to play in high positions.
  • Upgraded projection and brilliance without sacrificing warmth.
  • Improved pianissimo playing.
  • All bow strokes are possible, facilitating smooth transitions between notes.
  • Easy right-hand articulation and tone attack.

Additional information


1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4


Set, E, A, D, G


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