Its Time For Schradieck – The School of Violin-Technique

  • Inspired by Schradieck
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Schradieck’s violin technique
  • Practical Guidance
  • Tailored for Mastery
  • Accessible Learning for All Levels


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Best Beginner Violin Book

LVL Music Academy introduces a book delving into the fundamentals of Shraderick’s unique violin technique, inviting readers to dive deep into its intricacies for a comprehensive understanding. This guide goes beyond theory, providing practical guidance to effectively apply Shraderick’s technique in the violin learning journey. Meticulously crafted with precision, the book is designed for those aspiring to master Shraderick’s approach, offering a structured path to skill development. Aimed at learners of all levels, our accessible book ensures Shraderick’s violin technique is approachable for enthusiasts at various stages of their musical journey.

1 review for Its Time For Schradieck – The School of Violin-Technique

  1. Gabriel Lim

    Easy to read book, good examples to learn from 👍🏻

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