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Interested in enrolling your kids for violin classes? Sign your child up for trial lesson today! Learn from teacher Janice and her dedicated team of Russian, European and Local violin teachers.

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Violin Lessons For Kids

The first five years of a child’s life are very important for the development of the brain. Children learn fast during the early ages of their lives, hence giving them lots of love and nurturing will develop trust and security in them which would eventually turn into confidence as they grow older.

If your child shows an interest in learning to play the violin or even reading musical notes, give him or her an opportunity to learn violin. At LVL Music Academy, we provide kids violin lessons in Singapore to help them learn the beautiful instrument from LVL studio or the comfort of your home.

Violin Lessons For Kids in Singapore

Level Up Your Music Skills with LVL Music Academy

Structured Violin Programme

Structured Violin Programme

LVL Music Academy is designed to give your child a foundation in music theory, technique, and performance.

Overseas music exchange programme

Music Exchange Programme

Our unique programme offers kids a chance to experience different cultures, interact with international music students, and develop musical skills. (London Music Exchange)

music performing opportunities

Yearly Music Recitals

Our recitals are the perfect way for young students to showcase their hard earned skills and share their craft with peers, family, and friends. (Victoria Concert Hall…)

Kids Violin Lessons Fees

What is the right age to send your kid to violin classes?

All parents strive hard to provide their children with all the best opportunities as much as possible. Most parents are significantly aware of the benefits that music education brings to their kids. Over the years, studies have explored the numerous ways of how music lessons help in fostering brain development. This is also one of the effective means of building motor skills, assisting cognitive growth, and enhancing comprehension among kids. As mentioned in previous articles, there are many benefits to learning to play this instrument.

The primary concern of most parents is the uncertainty of the right age to start kids on violin lessons. With all the overwhelming information available these days, parents become confused and unsure when to begin violin lessons for their kids. While most suggest starting at an early age, others have added that a child should preferably start on violin lessons at ages 3 to 7 years old.

Through years of experience with teaching children, teacher Janice advises that the best time for your child to start learning the violin is 4 years old onwards. However, it is advisable to not have unrealistic expectations of your child, such as expecting him or her to play a full violin piece within a few lessons.

What you can do is to get a good quality kid’s violin for your child and let them explore it before the age of four, so when they start having classes at LVL Music Academy, they would have already familiarised with the musical instrument.

Why Let Your Kid Learn To Play The Violin With LVL Music Academy?

LVL Music Academy has designed a well-planned and structured Violin Program that allows beginner as well as advanced kids to develop good command over the instrument.

Most of our violin students are kids with ages ranging from 4 to 13 years old.
The opportunity to work with small kids has given our violin teachers tremendous experience teaching the young. Rest assure that your children will learn from the best violin teachers in Singapore.

When kids understand rhythm, beat and musical notes, they are in fact learning how to identify patterns, hence this will improve their academic skills. Violin for kids and toddlers is a perfect way of helping them get connected with music.

How Are The Kids Violin Lessons Conducted?

We believe in a fun and yet beneficial approach to conducting violin classes for kids for our young students. Our teachers at LVL Music Academy have lots of experience with kids, hence we understand the importance of ensuring our students enjoy each and every lesson.

Contact LVL Music Academy to start your child's violin classes.

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Benefits of learning violin for KIDS

Playing violin improves the child’s physical and mental coordination.

It helps in increasing attention span and enhancing memory skills.

Violin helps to develop upper body strength, better posture & improved fine motor skills.

Mother of Sze Meen
Mother of Sze Meen
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Previously, Sze Meen had violin lessons in a well-known music school without much progress. Thereafter, we found teacher Janice, who is very patient and experienced. Under her guidance, Sze Meen has made good progress and became more motivated to learn. Teacher Janice makes the effort to update on Sze Meen's progress after every lesson. I'm so glad to have found a good violin teacher for Sze Meen!
Shane Mok
Shane Mok
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Learning the violin with Janice has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Accommodating and patient, she adjusts the lesson pacing to suit each student, making it a joy for anyone to jump into learning the violin. She makes learning music theory easy and fun, even for a beginner. During the first conversation, she took the effort to understand my needs, goals and even my preferred location, before pairing me with a teacher. You can be certain that you will be in good hands throughout your journey with the violin!