Passione Cello Strings

  • A string: Steel core, Chrome steel for precise and focused tones
  • D string: Steel core, Chrome steel for a rich, full-bodied sound
  • G string: Gut core, Chrome steel for brilliant projection and warmth
  • C string: Gut core, Tungsten for a powerful and complex tone


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Discover the unparalleled harmony of the ‘Passione Cello Strings’, meticulously crafted for the discerning musician.


Complex overtone spectrum for a full-bodied sound
Newly designed spinning technology for enhanced richness
Quick response and smooth transitions between strings
Outstanding projection with warm, round tones

Usage Tips:

Replace old strings for optimal sound quality
Tune each string carefully for consistent tone

Elevate your cello performance with the ‘Passione Cello Strings’, where precision meets passion. Invest in your musical journey today!

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