Metronome – Nikko Standard

Elevate your musical journey with Nikko original development and most popular metronome – the Standard model. Crafted in Japan with a blend of functional design and high quality, this metronome is a must for musicians seeking precision and reliability.


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Key Features:

  • Wide Tempo Range: Adjustable tempo range from 40 to 208 beats per minute for versatile functionality.
  • Bell Options: Choose from 2, 3, 4, or 6 bell options to customise your practice sessions.
  • Compact Design: Weighing 486g and measuring 11.0cm x 20.7cm x 11.7cm, this metronome is portable and easy to carry.
  • Spring-Powered: No need for batteries – simply wind up the spring for uninterrupted practice sessions.
  • Made in Japan: Experience the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that comes with a product made in Japan.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Set the tempo by adjusting the dial to your desired beats per minute.
  • Select the number of bells for your practice routine.
  • Wind up the spring for power – no batteries required.

Ideal for musicians of all levels, the Metronome – Nikko Standard is a reliable companion for your musical pursuits. Enhance your timing, rhythm, and performance with this top-notch tool. Purchase now and elevate your musical experience!

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