10 Reasons Why you Should Learn Classical Music

10 reasons why you should learn classical music
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Classical music is an extremely complex art form that has been around for centuries. It is a way to express emotions through melodies, rhythms and harmonies. The beauty of it can be appreciated by anyone and the more you listen, the more you will find new things to love.

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Here are 10 reasons why you should learn classical music:

1. Music is going to make you smarter

The more specific the task to complete, the more brain power it will take. When you first starting learning music, there will be plenty of difficulties. At first, everything will seem unclear but overtime your brain will change and be able to process these things better!

It is believed that music will make it easier to study a foreign language. Also, solfeggio classes will make mathematics clearer.

Solfeggio classes is a math and music education program that uses solfeggio frequencies to make the subject of mathematics easier to understand. In this system, each number corresponds with a note in the solfeggio scale. This system teaches students how to associate numbers with notes, as well as how to identify intervals, which are the spaces between these notes on the scale.

2. Music will help you become a sought-after specialist

And it’s not just about the music industry. Labor market researchers have identified skills that will be in demand in the future. One of the most important among them is the ability to perform several tasks at the same time. Classes in a music school will improve this ability.

You will simultaneously follow the hands, posture, breathing, rhythm, sound and the rest of the musical group. Knowledge of classical and contemporary works will help develop critical thinking, and daily creativity will pump the imagination to the level of Elon Musk.

Gain more confidence with music

3. Music lessons will make you more confident

Concerts, competitions, and even one-on-one lessons with a teacher will help get rid of stage fright and public speaking. You may be shy at first, but the more often and longer you play or sing for an audience, the faster you will get comfortable.

By the way, if you think that famous musicians don’t have stage fright, you’re wrong.

Stage fright is a common taboo, but it’s also something that many famous musicians experience. Although they may hide it well, when they are alone or with close friends or colleagues, they’ll often admit that they get nervous before going on stage.

4. At LVL music school you will improve your voice

This “additional” skill will be especially useful for children. Numerous studies have confirmed that playing and listening to music develops a sense of language, which will help you write and speak competently.

By attending LVL Music Academy’s classes, you will develop your vocal abilities and enhance your public speaking skills. Our graduates are known to have improved communication skills in comparison to others. Be a part of LVL Music Academy’s community, and tap into your true musical potential.

5. You will develop your taste in music

If your music school has history lessons, then you can easily distinguish Bach from Mozart, and Tchaikovsky from Haydn. By the way, did you know that classical music helps to calm down and tune in to work? Not? Then turn it on and check it out!

Achieve your music goals

6. You will learn how to achieve your goals

To learn your first, even a small piece, novice musicians study long and hard. No great composer or performer was born with knowledge of musical notation. Long and hard work – that’s what gives the result.

Music will teach you not to give up at the first failure, and success will remind you that nothing is impossible. Do your fingers hurt after the first chords on the violin or cello? Unresponsive hands when playing the piano? Go on! Everything comes with time.

7. Music lessons are the best anti-stress

Playing a musical instrument will help you relax better than aimlessly scrolling through the tape or watching useless programs. So you will learn new things, and will not fill your head with useless information.

You might not be aware that our brain develops when we use our hands to do something. This explains why fine motor skills are essential for young kids. If you want to simply take a break and relax, then playing a musical instrument is a great idea as it allows your hands to send out good signals to the brain, resulting in the release of hormones associated with happiness.

8. You will make new friends

At our music school you can meet interesting people who will become your friends or companions for going to concerts. New acquaintances are always good.

By the way, children and adults playing in a group or ensemble learn to evaluate themselves and others, work in a team and appreciate the achievements of joint work. Checkout our recent ensembles.

9. Music will help you change yourself

For thoughts and emotions, sometimes there are no exact words, and experiences are often expressed by musical metaphors

Words cannot always fully capture the essence of a feeling or experience. Sometimes, people turn to music as a way of describing their emotions, and research has shown that listening to a song can evoke the same physical and emotional response as being in the moment.

Classical music such as violin lessons can be an effective way to connect with yourself, understand others and be present in the moment. It can provide a better understanding of what is taught in books and trainings by psychologists.

10. Music will let you express yourself

Both children and adults need to be heard, share their experiences with others and show individuality. Music helps to comprehend the boundless inner world. It will allow you to express yourself not only through the lyrics, but also in wordless ways: through the melody, dynamics, tempo.

Become a rock star, write an opera or sing along to your favourite artists – no matter what goals you set for yourself. Music lessons are not just circles with sticks in music books or mechanical string plucking. It will bring many useful bonuses to both the child and the adult, because you can start self-development at any age!

About The Author:
About The Author:

Alan Senejani
Alan is the co-founder of LVL Music Academy and in charge of everyday operations. His wife, Ms Janice and himself are passionate to bring out the best in kids & adults with quality music lessons in Singapore. He is a loving father to his 4 years old little girl & 1 year old little boy.

About The Author:
About The Author:

Alan Senejani
Alan is the co-founder of LVL Music Academy and in charge of everyday operations. His wife, Ms Janice and himself are passionate to bring out the best in kids & adults with quality music lessons in Singapore. He is a loving father to his 4 years old little girl & 1 year old little boy.

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