Learn Violin in School or at Home?

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What Does it Take to Learn How to Play the Violin?

Learning how to play the violin can be a rewarding and enriching experience. It requires dedication, practice, and patience. To learn the violin, you must first understand the basics of playing the instrument. This includes learning about posture, reading music, understanding musical terms and symbols, and learning basic technique. Furthermore, beginning violin lessons should include instruction on proper bowing techniques and finger placement. With consistent practice and guidance from an experienced violin teacher, anyone can learn how to play the violin with time and effort.

Comparing School vs. Home Violin Lessons - Which One is Best?

Learning to play the violin can be a challenging and rewarding experience. But when it comes to deciding between school or home lessons, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. In this article, we will compare school vs. home violin lessons and discuss the pros and cons of each approach so that you can make an informed decision about the best way to learn the violin. We will also look at some use cases of both approaches and offer tips on how to get the most out of your learning experience.

benefits of learning violin at school

Advantages of Learning Violin in a School Setting vs. Home

Learning to play the violin can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, and it is important to choose the right environment in which to learn. Learning violin in school has many advantages over learning it at home. A violin school such as LVL Music Academy can provide an environment for students to learn the instrument in a structured and supervised way, moreover, the LVL environment provides a safe and supportive learning space that encourages creativity and experimentation.

Learn the violin in a structured and supervised way:

With the help of experienced teachers at LVL Music Academy and tailored learning materials, you can easily master the fundamentals of playing the violin. You will also benefit from getting feedback on your progress so that you can make adjustments to your technique as needed. Furthermore, At LVL we have quarterly group classes where we get our students to play together, this way you will gain more experience by learning from the rest as well as highlighting your mistakes and working on them to better yourself.

Last but not least, we have recitals and concerts often throughout the year which is a great chance for you or your child to be part of something bigger to showcase your skills to the public.

Supervised learning enables you to focus on specific areas such as technique, theory, and posture with the help of LVL violin teachers who can provide personalised feedback. This approach also helps you develop an understanding of how to practice effectively so that you can get the most out of your practice sessions. Supervised learning allows you to progress at your own pace while ensuring that your playing improves in a systematic way.

Professional violin teachers in school:

Learning to play the violin is a beautiful experience. However, it can be difficult to find a good violin teacher who can provide you with the guidance and support needed to make this journey easier. With professional violin teachers at LVL school, learning to play the violin can become more accessible and enjoyable. Our professional teachers provide students with clear instructions and personalised feedback that help you progress faster while building your confidence. With LVL teachers’ expertise, we also promote a sense of community among students who share the same love for music. Our trained professional teachers are invaluable resources for students eager to learn an instrument like the violin – giving you access to quality education in an environment where everyone can feel supported on their musical journey.

Develop discipline, focus and perseverance:

Discipline, focus, and perseverance are three essential qualities that are important for success in any field of life. Learning in violin school can be a great way to develop these qualities. The structure and environment of LVL Music Academy can help you or your child to gain the discipline necessary to become successful learners. You also develop the ability to focus on your studies for extended periods of time, as well as the perseverance needed to finish difficult tasks at work.

Learning at home also provides many opportunities for developing these qualities, but it often requires more effort and guidance from parents or guardians which is a major problem seen in students. Hence many students choose to switch from home violin lessons to school setting as the benefits they gain are invaluable.

Access to more specialised resources:

In school, students have access to professional teachers who can guide them through the basics of playing the violin and give them tips on how to improve their technique. They also get to interact with other students who are learning the same instrument, which can help them become more motivated and inspired.

Moreover, learning violin in school is a great way for children to develop important skills such as discipline, focus and perseverance. It also provides an opportunity for children to explore different styles of music and find out what they enjoy playing the most. Additionally, learning with other students can create a sense of collaboration while providing an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and support.

With the right instruction, students who learn the violin in a school setting will have access to experienced teachers who can provide tips on technique, intonation, and interpretation of music. Furthermore, students may have access to more specialised resources such as sheet music or recordings that are not available for those learning at home.

The discipline of attending classes regularly can help improve overall concentration levels and cultivate self-motivation among learners. Furthermore, the collaborative atmosphere of being in a classroom with other students can make the process of mastering musical instruments more enjoyable and fun. Therefore, learning violin in a school setting is an ideal way to gain practical experience while developing musicality and technique.

At LVL Music Academy, we have crafted a top-of-the-line music learning environment that is sure to motivate both children and adults alike.


In summary learning to play the violin can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance, school can be an ideal environment for children and adults alike. Compared to learning at home, learning violin in school provides more structure, support and motivation to learn. There are experienced teachers available to provide immediate feedback on your progress and help you develop better habits for playing the instrument. With a variety of resources including books, videos and practice rooms available in school, there are plenty of opportunities for students to advance their skills in violin playing.

About The Author:
About The Author:

Alan Senejani
Alan is the co-founder of LVL Music Academy and in charge of everyday operations. His wife, Ms Janice and himself are passionate to bring out the best in kids & adults with quality music lessons in Singapore. He is a loving father to his 4 years old little girl & 1 year old little boy.

About The Author:
About The Author:

Alan Senejani
Alan is the co-founder of LVL Music Academy and in charge of everyday operations. His wife, Ms Janice and himself are passionate to bring out the best in kids & adults with quality music lessons in Singapore. He is a loving father to his 4 years old little girl & 1 year old little boy.

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