How To Choose the Best Starter Violin for Kids and Adults

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Jviolins Collection was developed with one goal in mind to allow students to play on decent violins with pocket friendly prices as teacher Janice (co-founder) believes that in order to play the violin well, you need to play on a good violin.

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How to Choose a Starter Violin for Your Child

If you have a child who is new to playing the violin, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration before buying them their first instrument.

Firstly, it is important to consider the age of the child. Younger students will require a smaller instrument with a narrower neck and finger board. Older students may be better suited to get an instrument with a wider neck and longer fingerboard.

Secondly, it is important to consider your budget. LVL Music Academy offers high-quality starter beginner violins at prices that are comparable with secondhand options. You may consider JV01 and JV02.

How to Choose a Starter Violin for Adults

Choosing the perfect starter violin for yourself is dependent on your personal needs and budget. A violin is a fragile instrument that requires careful handling, not to mention upkeep.

The most important aspect of choosing a starter violin for beginners is the cost of the instrument. The pricing of violins varies greatly depending on model, and quality.

High quality violins are usually expensive and may be unaffordable to many first-time buyers without a budget set aside specifically for this purchase. However, it is possible to find affordable options that are still of high quality at LVL Music Academy. You may consider JV01, JV02 and JV03.

What to Consider When Buying a Violin

If you are just beginning to learn the instrument, you might not have any idea which model of violin is best for you. Our staff at LVL Music Academy will be able to assist you on this.

If you are relatively new to the instrument and do not know what to look for in a quality violin, here are some things for consideration when buying your first violin:

Price: Generally speaking, more expensive violins have better sound quality than less expensive models. A good rule of thumb is that anything under $500 is not likely worth your time or money. You can always start with a beginner violin first and then upgrade to a better one if you are tight in budget, but if your budget allows then we recommend going for better hand-crafted violins.

Tips on How to Find the Perfect Violin For Your Child

There are different sizes for kids, typically below 12 years old. A violin is not like a shirt or an umbrella, it needs to be fitted to the person size who will be playing it. As an adult player above 13 years old, you will be playing on a full size violin also known as 4/4 size.

It is important to find a violin that fits your child’s physical size. The violin sizes for children are 1/16,1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and so forth.

The best way to find out which size of violin is right for your child is by visiting LVL Music Academy shop. We will be able to measure your child’s arm length accordingly to find the right violin size.

Violins Under $100 - What You Should Know?

We are aware of the quality of the wood which is not good. The sound it will make is scratchy & violins that are not set up are unlikely to play well. We do not sell violins in this range because they can be seen as just being objects, which also has no use for someone who is trying to learn the violin.

Violins Under $200 - What You Should Know?

At LVL Music Academy, we have a violin model JV01 which is priced at $155. It is really for someone that just want to dabble the violin without much commitment. However, the sound produced is of a metallic sound which might not be very ideal to the player. When the sound produced is not good, it will frustrate the player and thus will eventually stop playing the violin. This will then waste your time and effort and this is the reason we do not usually recommend violins under $200.

Violins Above $500 - What You Should Know?

Better quality of wood and accessories are being used and thus better sound production will be produced. This is essential for players who do enjoy and appreciate the sound of the violin.
The purchase of a violin is an investment. It is recommended to take your time before making a decision. A violin can be a lifetime instrument and should be carefully chosen.

You will notice that there are many violins to choose from in terms of style, sound, prices, and different brands. Before approaching the decision process, it is important to know your needs and also what you want from the violin. For example, if you intend to use the instrument for orchestra or chamber music, then you want a louder sound as opposed to solo playing (for which softer tone is better).

From our experience, students who purchase our violin models of JV03, JV04 and above tend to continue their violin journey.

Conclusion: The Best Starter Violin for Kids and Adults

The most important thing to learn when playing any musical instrument is how to make a sound with it. You need to be able to produce a sound on your desired instrument before you can play any song on it. It is important that you have an easy-to-play violin that will produce a nice sound so that you can focus on techniques and not trying to make the violin sound nice. The violin itself should sound nice on its own. You can consider JV01 and JV02. If you have a higher budget, do consider JV03, JV04 and above models.



About The Author:
About The Author:

Alan Senejani
Alan is the co-founder of LVL Music Academy and in charge of everyday operations. His wife, Ms Janice and himself are passionate to bring out the best in kids & adults with quality music lessons in Singapore. He is a loving father to his 4 years old little girl & 1 year old little boy.

About The Author:
About The Author:

Alan Senejani
Alan is the co-founder of LVL Music Academy and in charge of everyday operations. His wife, Ms Janice and himself are passionate to bring out the best in kids & adults with quality music lessons in Singapore. He is a loving father to his 4 years old little girl & 1 year old little boy.

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