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Kids and adults beginner violin classes in Singapore. Learn from LVL Music Academy's passionate violin teachers guided by our principal Ms Janice.

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Why Take Beginner Violin Lessons

Unleash your passion for the violin and allow LVL Music Academy to be your guiding light on this enchanting musical journey. Our specially crafted beginner violin lessons are designed to ignite your love for music and set you on the path to becoming a proficient violinist. As a beginner, you may wonder about the exciting discoveries awaiting you in your first lesson and beyond.

From mastering bow and violin holding techniques to understanding the essential parts of a violin, our dedicated team of qualified European, Russian, and local violin teachers will ensure you build a solid foundation. With every lesson, you will witness steady progress as you devote time and effort to honing your skills.

Each moment spent learning becomes a valuable investment in your musical future, and we are here to support you every step of the way. At LVL Music Academy, we believe that music is a wondrous expression of the soul, and it should be accessible to all who cherish it.

Our violin teachers are passionate about nurturing your musical journey, fostering not only technical prowess but also a deep appreciation for the art. Whether you are a budding prodigy or someone pursuing music as a fulfilling hobby, our tailored lessons cater to your unique aspirations and pace of learning. With a commitment to excellence, creativity, and fostering a warm musical community, we invite you to embark on this magical journey of melody and self-discovery with us.

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Beginner violin lessons

Factors to Consider Before Taking Violin Lessons for Beginners

When talking about beginner violin lesson, it cannot be denied that being a beginner can be challenging. The good thing is that violin classes for beginners are now available to make the transition from being a novice to expert violinist more effective and easier.
In ensuring a successful outcome, there are factors to consider before taking violin lessons for beginners. These include the following:

• Aim & Motivation
Anyone planning to take violin lessons must consider his aim in playing this instrument. Individuals who wanted to learn to play the violin have different motivations and goals. Some common reasons include expression of love for music, educational purposes, and more.

If you are clear about your purpose comes your hard work.

• Physical and Mental Ability
You need to consider your physical and mental abilities for the learning process.
Remember that the process of learning can be difficult or easy depending on the talent and skills that you may already have. The time and effort you spend to learn are also important factors

• Age
Your age is another factor to consider. As a beginner, your age is an essential component, and regardless if you start early or late, violin lessons for beginners are designed to help you become a talented violinist.
These are just a few of the many essential factors that need to be taken into account.

Most Suggested Way to Take Violin Lessons for Beginners

Ways to take violin lessons for beginners differ. A beginner may choose to take lessons in an exclusive music school, at home or online. It is convenient to take your violin lessons at LVL Music Academy's studio as you get to learn in a nice learning environment with our most qualified and experienced teachers. However home lessons are still made available if you prefer your own familiar space.

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If you opt to attend violin lessons online, there are different violin playing lessons and educational videos that you can take advantage of. LVL Music Academy teachers are experienced in teaching violin classes online.

Beginner Studio Violin Lessons VS Home Violin Lessons

Learning how to play the violin can be a daunting task, but not when you take studio violin lessons. Our studios are specially designed to teach beginners how to play the violin more effectively than at home. There is no better way to ensure you make the most progress in a short time than with LVL’s studio violin lessons. Studio classes are the best option if you do not have your own instrument, as we provide you with one during the trial class. However you can still experience the enchantment of melodies brought to life in the comfort of your own space.

Beginner Violin Lessons at LVL Music Academy