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Whether you are a working adult or retired, it is never too late to learn to play the violin. Learn from Ms Janice and her team of dedicated violin teachers. Start your trial lesson now!

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Violin school for adults in Singapore

Violin Lessons For Adults:

Music is a great stress reliever, listening to songs or playing instruments has been known to induce calm and serenity. At LVL Music Academy, we sought to bring out your musical potential, by guiding you through our adult violin lessons, teaching you to play the instrument properly and effectively.

With our studio & home violin lessons, we offer a well-planned adults violin teaching program that is suited for both beginner as well as advanced adult violinists. Our experienced team of violin teachers will guide you along with their knowledge and years of expertise playing the instrument.

While some may find learning to play the violin daunting, there is no definite age where learning becomes impossible, it is ultimately dependant on one’s drive and passion for learning and mastering the instrument.

adult violin lessons and classes
Two working adults learning to play the violin
Adult violin classes in Singapore

What we offer for our violin classes for adults:

- Understand and learn to read musical notes
- Introduction to the language of music
- Guidance and training of our learners to get acquainted with the violin and how to handle it properly
- Our violin teachers hold ABRSM grade 8 and above and they add their unique style with the lessons to make it more interesting and enjoyable
- Classes can be conducted at LVL studio or at your place for your convenience
- We will also give you proper advise on buying or renting a violin that will suit your preferences

Benefits of Adult Violin Lessons

There are many benefits of learning to play the violin. The list is as follows:

Improved Attention Span and Memory
Studies have been conducted on the benefits of playing the violin, discovering that learning to play the violin drastically improves attention span and memory retention.

Improved Posture
Most adults nowadays have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, leaving them with unhealthy postures that will gradually contribute to health complications. One of the most significant benefits of playing the violin for adults is an improved posture. Learning to stand correctly while playing the violin translates to better posture.

Better Overall Health and Mental Function
Even experts agree that musical training and music classes including adult violin lessons improve their brain functions, speech, reading skills, and language processing. Violin lessons for adults are also linked to enhanced brain developments and is also studied to combat psychological disorders.

Social Skills
Learning to play the violin has shown to develop social skills and to also encourages self-discipline through undergoing practice. Just like any hobby or activity, getting progressively better at playing the violin helps build one’s self-esteem and confidence; qualities of which are important to have.
All in all, the emotional, physical and mental benefits of learning to play the violin are certainly worth the effort and time it takes to learn and master this musical instrument. With the right violin and proper training and knowledge acquisition, you can start on a road down to a better you today!

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Do not let your age deter you from achieving your dreams of becoming a great violinist. With guidance from our accomplished team of violin teachers, learning how to play the violin will become easier, more effective and convenient.
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I have had around 6 lessons with Janice and it has been very helpful. In the past I had tried learning the violin by myself, on and off over 2 years or so, and made very little progress. As an adult learner with no prior musical training and blessed with poor body awareness, I do need plenty of guidance - and it's great to be able to get that. Janice emphasizes a lot on having the right posture, hold, bowing, and on being relaxed. She goes to great lengths to fix my errors, hand-holding till things are right. There is plenty to unlearn if you didn't start correctly. I also like the selection and order of her lessons and the pieces we play. Janice has initiated me into reading musical notation, which I had incorrectly presumed was very diffcult. This has made it possible for me to discover and learn new music to practise.
Shane Mok
Shane Mok
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Learning the violin with Janice has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Accommodating and patient, she adjusts the lesson pacing to suit each student, making it a joy for anyone to jump into learning the violin. She makes learning music theory easy and fun, even for a beginner. During the first conversation, she took the effort to understand my needs, goals and even my preferred location, before pairing me with a teacher. You can be certain that you will be in good hands throughout your journey with the violin!